BPIS, A/C/Int CH Apple Acres Calendar Girl, AX,AXJ,NAC,NGC,NJC,Can CD
05/25/1996  ------ 01/20/2009   "Tyra"

(CH Dundee Hullston Jambalaya ROM x CH Apple Acres Hi-Fashion Model ROM)
Tyra is a joy.  She never met a person she didn't like, and has a wonderful playdrive.  Tyra is one smart girl and we hope to add "MACH" to her titles. She has taken time off to have two litters, she has some beautiful babies.
Thank You Locklyn Guzman (breeder) for giving us one of your best along with your support and advice.
News!!!  Tyra went to her first NADAC shows this past weekend in Vancouver, Washington with Michael Korcek.  In three days she made 8 Agility runs, Qualifying for each one! She finished all three titles she was attempting, with one extra Standard leg, just for kicks!  She now adds to her long list of titles- NAC (Standard), NGC (Gambler), NJC (Jumper). What a girl! Thanks Michael hope you had fun I know Tyra did
Tyra's kids
Tyra's first CD leg in Canada
Runner up HI in Trial
Tyra's Heroic Story below
Tyra’s story
First, to explain. I placed Tyra at 9 years old  with a 82 year old man in May of 2006. They are so much company for each other.  Tyra is one  those dogs that has to be right there and demand attention.    It was hard to let her go to a new home she is very special,  but maybe this is the reason.
Here is her story.
  She is a little Heroine......  She saved his life  
I'm assuming they were out for a walk or in the garden, forgot to ask.
He called to say that he had gotten dizzy fell and passed out, he had a light stroke and he couldn't get back up, Tyra ran across the street down to the house of the friend that they walk with all the time,  stood at the door and barked or scratched till they came to the door. She then took them back to Don.    My little Tyra is amazing, I knew she was smart.  <smile>
Dogs are amazing  and they surprise us all the time.
I know this pair is inseperable
Don is doing fine now and I bet you can imagine the pride he has of her.

We are so sad that Tyra passed  1/20/09.  We know that Don is devastated, our hearts go out to him.  Tyra loved him as much as Don loved her.
Don everything possible to help Tyra when she fell ill.
Thank You Don for loving her so much.
She is at the bridge making others happy too.