CharBar, as you may guess, is a combination of Char(les) and Bar(bara).  We started out in Poodles many years ago.  We had five boys, and they did very well in obedience. We also had Golden Retriever , Sassy earned her CD In Can,Mex,AKC, then we found she was displastic so we no longer did obedience she lived to be 13years old. Our  Flat Coated Retriever "Strider earned his championship, Strider was a one person dog, so he went to a great home.  We had aquired Strider after moving to the Northwest.

We acquired our first Sheltie in 1974, Missy.  We were hooked!  Now we have been exhibiting shelties in obedience and conformation for over 40 years.  We have recently added agility to our list of Sheltie activites and are loving it.

CharBar is a Sheltie home of AOAC's, that's Any Other Allowed Color (other than sable).  All our dogs are housedogs.  Puppies are raised in the house with all the socialization possible.  We do very little breeding, maybe one litter every year or so. 

We breed to the Standard, keeping temperament and structural soundness at the top of our priorities.  We believe in genetic testing, especially OFA for hips and CERF checks on eyes.  All companion puppies are placed on spay/neuter contracts.  We guarantee our dogs to be free of proven genetic problems.

We added Havanese to our household in 2004. Not being able to run fast enough to show the Shelties we went to the Toy dog.  

After living in the San Fernando Valley, CA, for about 40 years, we are now located in Junction City, Oregon, and we think we are in Heaven! We have 3 children, 8 grandchildren, 10 great Grandchildren (2012)

Enjoy our site, and please feel free to contact us.

Charles & Barbara Vann