sire" Ch Silversong Modern Art
dam: "Diana"  Sumersong Diana the huntress
WAY TO GO!!!!!!!
Can ChCharBar's Midnight Glow

also winning Junior classes with his best friend
Clint's page for more brags
A new Champion for CharBar
Ch CharBar's Sneak Preview
You can see her on Hannah's page

More News from Canada
How good was he?   After 4 days of camp, he finished his Junior Herding Dog title!!!  (American Herding Breed Association title)
Charbar's Poggibonzi da Toscana, OA, NAJ, JHD!!!! 

Terri & Geoff Beech

  BeeJay!!!  We went down to Spokane this weekend, and he Q'd 7/8 times!!!  He earned 2 double Q's (missed the 3rd because he was going so fast, he slid off the table, and still finished 16 seconds under course time!!!)... He earned two Excellent Fast legs, and got HIC in Ex. Fast on Sunday!!! 
I have learned to keep cheering for him no matter what he does... and he is loving it.

He earned 16 more MACH points, now has 5 double Q's, and 9 legs toward his MXJ!!!!!  (and today, he's completly exhausted!)  He has accomplished all this in only 3 AKC shows last year, and 5 AKC shows this year!!!)

Poggi is (now that he is almost 2, and settling down a little) the PERFECT agility dog... He needs no special prep before running... you can just hang around with him, go into the ring, switch the 'on' button and RUN LIKE HELL!!!  It is normal for him to run 15 - 20 sec. under course time.  This weekend, he Q'd 4/4 times... got a second Nov. Fast leg, and finished his Open Agility title... (in excellent before two!!!  he's not even officially measured, yet!!)    
It was a FABULOUS way to finish off our AKC season for this year!  We will be back doing AKC next March, beginning with Moses Lake.  
From now until next March, they will be doing AAC up here.

From  Tom & Ann Kruger (Idaho)
They recently returned home from a trip to the Oregon coast and watching the kite festival. A summary of thier trip
we had 50 mph winds one night and it rained really hard 3 different days so we didn't get to see as many kites as we thought we would.  
My brag for them is they have added a little guy to their group.
His name is Tucker and I'm sure we will be reading many brags in the future.
Pictures will be up soon